The following procedures are required for WCBIA membership application:

Download and complete the membership application form. Be sure to carefully read the WCBIA Certification Rules prior to applying for membership as all members are bound to adhere to the code.
Relevant, supporting documentation is required (which is outlined on the application form) and must be submitted with the application form.
A draft copy of any relevant collateral (brochures, web-sites etc) that will carry the certified “tick” logo must be submitted to the WCBIA to ensure Section 8 (Use of the WCBIA Trademark) of the Certification Rules are complied with. It is highly recommended that approval of material is sought prior to printing as any unauthorised use of the “tick” logo and WCBIA word mark will result in the WCBIA undertaking legal action.
The Application Form will need to be proposed and seconded by current WCBIA members.
Once the relevant form and supporting information is received, your application will be tabled at the next Executive Committee meeting.
Should the application be accepted by the Executive Committee you will be notified in writing and:
Your membership application will be placed on the agenda of the next General Meeting.
At this meeting you will be required to present to the members an overview of your operation and your commitment to abide by the Certification Rules of the WCBIA. The members who proposed and seconded your application will be required to be at the meeting and speak on your behalf. You will be required to answer questions that members may have regarding the suitability of your operation as a WCBIA member.
Should your Proposer and Seconder not be able to attend the meeting your membership application will be deferred to a subsequent General Meeting of the WCBIA.
You may wish to bring along examples of your brochures and other collateral to support your application.
Should the application be accepted by the WCBIA Members the following procedures are necessary before final approval can be given:
The Member’s Agreement that will be forwarded to you, must be completed and submitted along with full payment of your first year’s membership fees (calculated at 5% of one week’s gross retail price on full capacity for each vessel).
Should the application be made part way through a financial year the full year’s fees must still be remitted. At the end of the financial year any unused portion will be deducted pro rata from the second years fees.
There is a probationary period of 3 months, commensurate from the time the Agreement is received and fees are paid. During this probationary period the “tick” logo and WCBIA word mark cannot be used on any material. The management committee has the authority to reject the membership application at any time during the probationary period should the applicant fail to comply with any of the membership requirements. Your Proposer and Seconder are obliged to mentor you though this probationary period.
During the probationary period your vessels must successfully undergo the WCBIA Vessel Rating Audit. There is a minimum standard that must be met for each vessel to be authorised to carry the certified “tick” logo.
It is highly recommended that approval of material is sought prior to printing as any unauthorised use of the “tick” logo and WCBIA word mark will result in the WCBIA undertaking legal action.
Once the 3 months probationary period has expired, you will be notified in writing as to whether your membership has been approved and which vessels have been approved to use the “tick” logo and WCBIA word mark.
Should the membership not be accepted as a result of the process, an explanation of why the membership was rejected will be forwarded in writing. You may reapply for membership once the relevant issues are addressed. In the case where membership is not approved, membership fees will be refunded less a deduction of $500 to cover the cost of processing the membership application.
The WCBIA logo and word mark are both certified and therefore it is important that the integrity of the WCBIA is maintained by members at all times. For this reason, it is important that all members clearly understand their responsibilities of membership.