Proud to be the Whitsundays’ Environmental Guardians…

More than marine tourism operators, our members are proud to say our operators and their crews are actively involved in Whitsundays research, training and awareness activities that enhance and protect the natural and cultural values of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas.

  • Eye on the Reef
  • Bleach Watch
  • Crown of Thorns monitoring and eradication Program
  • Reef and Island Appreciation Courses and Workshops
  • Marine Safety Projects
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies
  • Whitsunday Local Marine Advisory Committee

These are just a few of the projects and initiatives our marine community are actively participating, in on a regular basis, as part of our commitment to protecting and preserving the pristine uniqueness of the Whitsunday Islands  and waterways of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Region…

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

WCBIA operators and their crew continue to work directly with partners such as Maritime Safety Queensland, GBRMPA QPW, Whitsunday Regional Council  Eco Tourism Australia and Meridien Marinas to prepare for Climate Change, a hotly debated topic, but one we cannot afford to ignore, if we want to protect the future of the marine park’s vast, diverse and complex, aquatic ecosystems.  Together, we are working to minimize the impact of carbon emissions and global warming. When you take your cruise around the Whitsundays, ask your crew about the latest information we have on Climate Change and how you can help to reduce your footprint…WE can assist you with some simple strategies anyone can undertake anywhere…Together we will make a difference

  • Eco tourism Australia (members who are EA Accredited carry the official logo)
  • MSQ
  • EPA / Qld Parks and Wildlife
  • Shipowners
  • Oceanic Insurers
  • TW
  • Regional Council

“Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service acknowledge the leadership role the WCBIA plays in encouraging and promoting sustainable growth within the region..In particular, their strong commitment to a high standard of professionalism, safety and stewardship when working within protected areas.”

Damien Head, Regional Manager, Central Qld Marine Region (Environmental Protection Agency).

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